March 17, 2009

Apple released some info on "bugfix 3.0" today.

I thought that this update would be released today, not so fast Chewy….gotta WAIT till summer.

This is what we’re gonna get, a few highlights.

1. Cut, copy and paste. Wow, finally they are adding something that should have been available since the iPhone’s inception. Apple has promised that I will finally be able to email more than one photo at a time. OMG OMG OMG, welcome to 5 years ago!!!!

2. MMS. Ohh dear God, who the fuck uses MMS anymore?? It’s a stupid billion year old standard for sending multimedia rich messages . WE HAVE SOMETHING REVOLUTIONARY CALLED E-MAIL NOW!!!!!!!

3. Phone wide search. I will finally be able to search through my emails. Cutting edge this is NOT! (My other jailbroken iPhone has had this for ages).

4. Stereo Bluetooth/A2DP. Again, something that alot of smartphones have had for years. I am sure this will be useful for some people but personally I hate bluetooth and find it slow and annoying to setup. (people who wear bluetooth headsets should have the thing shoved up their asses, be beaten then sent to a gulag)

5. Landscape keyboard in the mail app. Jeez, how long did that take to implement?? Very useful but it’s something that should have been there from the start. Every single app should work in both landscape and portait….ESPECIALLY THE DAMN KEYBOARD!!

6. Voice memo app. Slow down there Apple, there has been a free voice memo app available for ages..and it’s great!!

7. A media player that automatically adjusts quality for the bandwidth you have. This is a joke right????? This technology been around since people were trying to stream grainy porn over a modem connection in the 1980’s???

8. The Notes app will finally sync the info with my computer, holy shit…I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.

So yeah…the camera software is the same, no multitasking (which means still CANNOT have a fucking IM app running in the background), no video recording, no interface refresh, still no GPS app ..blah blah blah……

Once again thanx for nuthin’ Apple.

PS. Of course they added a bunch more stuff. Mostly crap that I don’t care about like parental controls, new dev stuff, a bunch of new APIs etc, and “in app purchases” which is kinda cool.

It's front end replacement day.

Walking home from the dealership over Vancouver’s Golden Gate Bridge. The dealer’s lazy shuttle doesn’t go over it, apparently it takes too much time. The driver was cool, we had an awesome conversation about the auto industry both agreeing that it should all be set on a fire of bankruptcy.

It’s damn chilly.