Arrived in the Republic of Macedonia. This place is INCREDIBLE, it looks like nothing has changed here since the 1950’s.

Bitola (Monastir) is Macedonia’s second largest city.  It’s really old, it’s really vibrant and packed full of strolling folks. 

I can’t believe we’re here, soooooo coooooooooooool!!!!!!

The rest of photos from Greece will be posted in a day or two.  We spent 1.5 glorious months there and it was a life changing adventure.

We just ordered lamb liver stew and some other Eastern European snacks, the spicy peppers below are drowning in this milky spicy sauce, sooooooooooooo gooooooooooood!!!!



Also ordered this meat-circle, it’s absolutely God-like, fried random meat with grits, CHEESE and some other crunchy meat bits.  I can’t imagine these things having less than 600 calories.  I want to eat a dozen and I just might.

In addition, we are back in a country where everything costs a dollar or less, the meal here with beers, espressos, and multiple entrees and side dishes will cost less than 10$….for the both of us.


After a bit of research we may have to skip Albania this time around.

Reason being that there are just no roads suitable for a hulking car to get through the massive mountain range.  I’m thinking, if I tried hard enough I could possibly find a suitable passing but the time, cost in fuel and the wear on the van would probably a bit much (and probably not that much fun).

Decided to head deeper into northern Greece and try to stay on major roadways.