It is 2014 and this exists today. People are fucking retarded.


Once again praying on the insecure, undereducated and ignorant.  Just add a fitness workout with an idiotic name, a number and the word ‘extreme’ and ‘detoxify’ in it.

Ohhh….and (of course) it’s also an MLM scam where you recruit others and lie about your ‘extraordinary’ earnings.  This garbage sells for $60 and I doubt costs more than 60 cents to manufacture, package and distribute.

People are stupid.




Fucking fuck.

After spending the last 3 days completely dormant, doing nothing but sitting or lying down I woke up today with the very worst backache of all time, ever.  This is what happens when you’re extremely old and don’t move around. 

I can barely tie my shoelaces and worst of all, it’s the year’s biggest holiday today…Halloween.  Ugh.

Time for wine and meat, the two things that almost always cure my ailments.