This is what my awesome friend is doing right now. Mt. Washington rules!!!


MY FACEBOOK PEOPLE…..judging by their recent posts are:

Needlessly working everyday…..

Dealing with MASSIVE body image problems and going to the gym….

Watching ridiculously stupid TV programming…….

Watching hockey or other repetitive sports shows…..

Playing joystick clicking games….

Going on a cleanse……

Complaining they’re broke….

I would rather get run down by a large Citroen on a motorway than do any of the above.…

Did I tell you about our seafood feast last night?

Those are NOT lobster tails and we got them as a funny experiment.  They’re for poor people and only contain a small amount of lobster juice and are made from %50 random fish and %50 “other sea-items”.

Even though they were meant as a garnish I ate them all and really liked them.  Tastes like the fake crab stuff you buy in Canada but a tad more ghetto.

Amalia’s meal was clams in light tomato sauce with garlic bread.  Delicious, obviously.



We’re looking into ferry tickets to Mykonos for a well deserved island vacation next week. Might be a tad to costly, time will tell. Athens adventure first.


We’re just outside of Athens in a seaside town of Rafina.

After some campground seeking GPS and language barrier confusion we will free camp tonight in downtown Rafina then head over to the campsite sometime tomorrow morning.  It’s a really pretty place right on the beach and it will be ours for as long as we want.

The owner of the campground is opening the whole facility just for us.  Naturally they are closed for the season because people who campervan through the winter do not exist.



Covered a lot of ground yesterday. I think we literally went….everywhere.

Legs hurt and my hikers are showing some very serious signs of wear.

Hopefully we will arrive in Athens later today, we booked a fancy RV camping facility for a few days with all the bells and whistles.  Decided not to drive into the massive city but park a few kilometers outside in a secure place and hitch a ride on the public transport into town.  Good idea. 

The weather is still looking great, my somewhat trusty phone weather app is showing 20 degrees of warmness this weekend.