Horse fillets, this evening’s dinner. Giddy-up.

Horsemeat is incredibly lean, almost no fat at all.  It’s healthier than beef, contains less calories and less cholesterol.  You would have a very hard time differentiating the flavor between this and a very expensive cut of super lean beef.

Amalia made a side of crispy potato and cauliflower chips.

Gently seared with some salt and pepper. 

Incredibly delicious.

PS.  With regards to the cost, we paid about $14 for a kilogram.  Enough for three meals for the two of is.


Nothing pairs better with a cold Guinness than a bowl of tomatoes.

Most of the stores are still closed and finding good beer at my local grocery store is rather difficult.  They have a huge booze section but the beers are mostly European light lagers.  It’s what I mostly drink but sometimes it’s nice to have a little delight, something like a Guinness or a thick dark ale from Belgium.

I stocked up in Burgas yesterday and got some beers from Greece and Czechoslovakia…and more.


I think Microsoft’s Skydrive is the greatest thing ever.

They gave me 25 GB for free and the software is bulletproof.  I can share photos, backup my documents and always have the latest revision of anything I am working on available on every one of my devices.  I tried Apple’s thing back in the day and it was incredibly cumbersome, even Google Drive isn’t as seamless.  The only thing that works as well (or even better) is Dropbox….but they want money and I’m cheap. 

Ohh….and is EASILY the best web based email client on planet earth.



Did you know you can still buy laptop with 2GB of RAM in Bulgaria and  plenty of machines don’t come with operating systems (you can buy a recent laptop with Linux or DOS,  piracy is rampant here) and many laptops still come with CD ROM players.

I’m shopping for a new laptop and this machine is on my short list (carbon fiber IBM X1).  I want to get the i7 with 8GB RAM and the 256GB SSD.  I’ve seen one of these in person at a shop in France and was blown away, super light and  super slim.  Bulgaria is not a great place to shop for electronics as most items are at least a year behind and significantly more expensive.  The already overpriced Macbook, for example, is $550 more here.

Since Amalia high jacked my one and only laptop….I’ve been gloomy.

Awaiting the next Canadian to mule one of these towards me…..or maybe something else. 


After spending over 10 months on the road and exploring some really sketchy places, nothing really phases me anymore.

Bulgaria is definitely a bit of a culture shock for someone coming from Canada and many people would consider many parts of this wonderful country as ‘third world’.  Some folks live in tarp covered shacks, pick through garbage bins and use donkeys for transportation while a few meters away you would see a brand new Porsche Cayenne Turbo parked on the side of the road.

PS.  There is a CRAZY amount of very high end cars that roll around this city.  Gangsters, I assume.

Yesterday, after a walking around our neighborhood we stumbled upon a wooden shack.  This building is a 2 minute walk from our place and clearly visible from our balcony.  We really thought it was just an abandoned hut.  To my delight, it’s a restaurant run by an overly friendly family from Turkey.  The restaurant doesn’t have a menu and you simply point to a piece of raw meat then they cook it for you on their coal grill.  The beer is cold and the atmosphere is akin to a diner in a very seedy part of Thailand, simply amazing.  Dirty plastic chairs and tables, super cheap eats and great Turkish music on the radio.

Best of all…’s about 20 steps from my house.  This is going to be an amazing place to get drunk and mingle with the local folks.  

Amalia and I call it “The Keg” and we will visit this absolutely glorious place as often as we can.  Can’t wait to bring my Canadian friends here for some serious boozing and sketchy meat.

Here is the “Washroom”.















We had a bunch of delicious and fatty meat, a salad, hot peppers and three large beers.  The meal cost just under $3 per person (including the booze).  Bloody brilliant.