This was their parts plane that was used to replace the engine on a different plane a couple of weeks ago.

My old bike.

One in a 40 million chance. I’m cruising around, minding my own business, heading over to the Port Alberni Wal-Mart to check out their summer fashions and……what do I see????

This my old bike, the very 1st bike I’ve ever owned, the bike I learned on, THE BIKE. This is the beast, the purple rocket, a 1985 Suzuki GSXR 750. The original, 1st year it was ever produced, imported, never available in Canada, collectors item. Looks exactly like the day I sold her to my buddy Evan many years ago. The same scratches, paint drips, exhaust, the chopped off fairing and the tiny custom windscreen that I remember making and spray painting black. The only thing I was able to notice was a new set of grips. The new owner, a super cool young dude and I had a little chat about the bike’s history, never thought I would ever see her again.


Took the doors off for the 1st time, fairly easy, a bunch of connectors, fasteners and stupid screws. Going up to Tofino tomorrow, up the crazy highway in 35 degree heat. I really can’t complain!!!

Bought a TomTom 130 today.

After buying the cheap Garmin which was a pain in the ass to use and didn’t even have the street I live on in it’s database I decided to go even cheaper and picked up the TomTom 130 at Future Shop for $160. I can’t believe how cheap this thing is, I already have 2 other GPS devices and really don’t need this one, but. It’s cute, small, cheap, the windshield mount is the coolest I’ve seen, it’s got really good PC GPS software and I’m gonna give my sister my old TomTom.

Back on Salt Spring.

Another amazing weekend. The George Michael concert was full of fun and awesome music, I never thought I would be able to see this dude live. GM Place was rockin’, he closed the 3 hour concert with “Freedom”, it was nuts!! After the concert I met up with the infamous Christina-Moe, Nate, Natty and a few others and partied mildly till the wee hours of the night, total blast. On Saturday Arek and the rest of the crew took me to Salt Spring where my resourceful Marcie met us after scootering with all our weekend gear to Swartz Bay to pick up my Jeep that I parked there. We stayed at our favorite place, little cabin on St.Mary’s lake, had a fire and ate awesome food. On Sunday we had to return to Victoria, my Dad called and informed me that he once again drove across Canada in his camper to visit me. He brought the kids and some random Polish family-people too, rad!!!

Second food group being.

Delicious and succulent dead cow parts. Sooooo tasty. Hangin' out in Vancouver is a blast, even if just chillin’ out and not doing anything crazy. Sad and happy all at once right now, should be home in Victoria in a couple of hours. Hope Mr. Kat recognizes me.

Total sadness.

This is it, the trip is over. We had just spent two amazing nights at
Marcie's Nannies very fancy place in West Vancouver. We hung out, had huge BBQ’ed steaks and fancy drinks every night. She even let us take her red convertible Mustang out for the day. Thank You Nanny.