Matthew’s tips, episode 1.

If you have a ceiling fan (if you don’t, you should) the easiest way to clean the fucking thing is to use a pillow case and gently wipe the dust off the blades allowing your filth to gently enter the sac preventing a dusty disaster.

Thank you for reading. 


The bad part of winter in Bulgaria is finally over. Once St.Nicholas day arrives (Dec 6th) the rest of the winter is fun and interesting.

We spent our evening in one of the beautiful sister cities, this time we strolled around Pomorie. It’s a 15 minute drive south from Sunny Beach and it’s an absolute seaside gem.  We had some hot mulled wine, did some shopping , ate some Bulgarian treats and made a few friends as we always do.

Tomorrow we are hiking back up to Nesebar to visit our buddy who makes a huge pot of steaming Black Sea mackerel soup.  He makes it free for the whole neighborhood and has very cheap 50 cent wine.

Soooo excided, I love being here.