Everything is excellent.

Pretty much the craziest night since we left. The boat is unreal, so much fun. We spent last night, hmm, drinking our left over booze and making friends. I recall hanging' with some Asian dudes, weird. The nightclub on the boat was amazing, I ran back to the cabin, got my CDs and convinced the bar dude to play our music. He complied, holy crap, I don't remember much. Crazy sunset, the sky was red, all of it, really crazy. Never seen anything like it in my life. In Greece now, wow. So sunny and friendly, cheap too.

Off to Greece.

On a semi cruiseship. We’re gonna upgrade to a private room and live it up. The Polish football game is on in an hour (Grrrrrrr), there is a pool, an original Tetris arcade console, satellite Internet, the sun is shining, countless bars and the booze is cheaply costly. 16 hours of Mediterrenean boating awaits. Good times.

We are off to Bari.

Heading to the other coast of Italy now. The trains are very disorganized here, conflicting information, bad directions, broken down railways, we caught the Eurostar with only 2 minutes to spare. Running around with 50lbs on my back is only slightly excellent. One night here on the east coast, this town is our connector to Greece. The overnight ferry stops here. It's beautiful here, the weather is perfect. Catching the ferry at 8 PM, it's 36 degrees in Athens. Time to spare, a few hours to kill, time for gorgonzola/anchovy pizza with a bushel of tasty Italian beers.


Pompei was buried under boiling mud and to a lesser degree molten lava from the nearby volcano. It is a massive city, a huge archielogical dig that had now been mostly excavated. Absolutely stunning and eerie, a place that had stopped to exist in a matter of minutes.

Italian Internet law.

Anyone who accesses the Internet, whether it's from home, hotel or a tourist an an Internet cafe has to be registered with the Italian anti-terrorism database. The Police here think that terrorists will use the Net to plot attacks, collaborate with their buddies, or google terror-tips. I chuckle everytime I see a sign like this and think to myself what fucking bufoons these guys are. I can walk around with my WiFi phone or a laptop and pretty much pick up a free wireless signal on every street corner in every Italian town we have been to so far. I think this is more of the Italian government terrorizing it's people than anything else. I can't even imagine the bullshit paperwork the Internet providers have to go through to comply with this law. Keep the population afraid, it's then easier to control.

Warning: Do not go to Naples.

This place is like something from Mad Max. It's so gross, so smelly and filthy that walking through a garbage dump would have been slightly more fun. It's the 1st place that we actually felt unsafe. We're in Southern Italy, mafia country. Everything here is as opposite as can be compared to Milan and Rome. Only one night here, in a really weird hotel that's inside this grubby residential building. The best bread I have ever tasted lives here. Pompei tomorrow, a short train through the countryside them a whole day trekking through the ruins. Stoked.

When in Rome.

You eat lemon chicken with roasted potatoes, wash the deliciousness with a large Peroni. Peroni is a light Italian beer that is full of alcoholic bella.


I remember when I was around 10 years old, still living in Poland and reading about this place with my Grandma. Always dreamt about coming here to see the Coloseum in person. It's much smaller than I imagined, pretty amazing nonetheless.

You are my Eurostar.

This bad boy has power reclining seats and power sunshades, ahhhh the simple things that impress me. We only got free cofee and a biscuit that, no shit…looked like a tiny turd.

Quick update RE: Tatoos.

Just had a quick consultation with some Brits regarding the “above ass tatoos”. The proper term in London is “Tramp Stamp”. There you have it. I’m getting a surfing tatoo to show people that I’m “outdoorsy” and “athletic”.

Italian HD.

Hotel entertainment. A 12 inch CRT TV with a picture so fuzzy that you can’t tell if you’re watching football or soccer. The pot smokers (Netherlands) just killed the baguettes (French) 4-1. I believe this is the highest scoring game so far in the series.

Ahhh Venice.

Absolutely stunning. The narrow alleyways, random tunnels and
countless bridges. We spend about 7 hours a day just hiking around.
No cars here, no bicycles, not even a skateboard. Everything from
public transportation, taxis, and the movement of goods travels
through the narrow canals. Cruising through them on a barge is
something out of a storybook. The food is awesome too. It's very
clean and very friendly here, I will miss this place.

So stoked to have been able to watch a couple EuroCup games here,
including an Italian one….the whole town comes alive. I can't
believe I would be able to do anything like this ever in my life.

Off to Rome on the Eurostar tomorrow, early morning, very early. I'll
be walking through the Coloseum tomorrow, holy damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!