Finally got the iPhone 3G.

I’ve been using the old school iPhone since last year and I loved it. This new handset isn’t much of an upgrade but the Apple App Store is freakkin’ cool. Some of the news applications are amazing, the remote app is just crazy, can’t wait for some GPS apps.

Gave the old hand-me-down to Marcie, she’s happy, and that’s good.


Ordered the Acer One UMPC today, opted for the 80GB XP model. Played around with the Linux version a little, the thing is sweet. Perfect for traveling, if I could somehow tether the iPhone 3G to this baby and use my 6GB data plan I would be in digital bliss.

Not a joke.

Went to Subway today. Haven’t been in over a year, my infatuation with sushi and that stupid Vietnamese soup (#44 large, no noodles) at Pho Hoa always steal the thunder. The place, as always smells like crap. My turkey sub, errrr…sandwich was crap, the yellow d├ęcor is crap, the cigarette stinkin’ “artists” are crappy and the whole idea of me coming back sends me the chills. On top of that, the fuckers now have a 12 inch crab meat sub that costs, hope you’re sitting down…..$24.99. A soggy seafood-bread stump now costs as much as a steak dinner at The Keg.