I’ve been dreaming about buying a mechanical keyboard for years, yes years.

I always wanted a vintage IBM ‘Model M’ keyboard such as the one illustrated below.  For the last year I have been using a brand new and a modern version of that keyboard but the feeling just wasn’t there.  The keys aren’t very ‘mechanically pleasing’ and feel a bit too soft, it was fine but not perfect.  Trying to obtain a real 20 year old vintage ‘Model M’ from eBay was a mission of total failure and frustration.  Not only are they SUPER expensive,  we’re talking upwards of $600 for a 20+ year old keyboard but they also require a costly USB adapter to work on a modern system and the shipping was prohibitive ($150).   They also don’t have backlighting (I love keyboard backlights). I gave up on that search.



Today I drove over to Burgas to do some shopping and dining and decided to pull the trigger on a brand new mechanical keyboard.  The choices for high end keyboards here are extremely limited consisting of mainly cheap and low end ‘mushy’ keyboards.  I visited a gaming shop and thankfully they had exactly what I wanted.  Here is what I got, It’s a Razor Blackwidow Ultimate.  It’s super big, it’s super sturdy, it’s extremely clicky, loud and mechanical and as an added bonus lights up with green LED lights with enough lumens to illuminate a small stadium.   The difference in usability is astounding and I was able to map the extra keys for for a few non standard characters (Euro symbol, for example).  Expensive but very, very worth it.

This may sound boring but the way mechanical keyboards work and the technology and history behind them is quite fascinating.  If you have some time to kill do a bit of Googling about mechanical keyboard switches and the history of IBM keyboards.  Cool stuff.

Thank you for reading.


Allow me to steer you toward a positive and happy lifestyle with my easy 3 step program.

1.  I’ve said this before and this is crucial, never wake up before your body is ready to do so.

2. Enjoy a couple of glasses of Champagne for breakfast.  Eat a light breakfast with plenty of meats and cheeses.

3. Have a dance party in the evening.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just a little bit of 80s and 90s music (the era is very important) and a couple of hours of boogying.

That is all.  Simple.  Easy.  Practically free.

This picture taken on May 31, 2008 at the Rose Valley, near the town of Kazanluk, some 200 kms east from the capital Sofia, shows traditionally dressed rose pickers during an early work hour. Bulgaria is traditionally one of the biggest world exporters of rose oil along with neighbouring Turkey and Morocco. But after the fall of communism in 1989 and the ensuing transition to market economy, many of its 2,500 hectares of gardens were neglected or uprooted and rose oil production shrunk drastically. Today Bulgaria exports up to 1,500 kilograms of pure rose oil a year from its current 3,200 hectares of gardens and Bulgaria's rose oil is still valued as the highest quality in the world.