The only thing they look for is that you have no more than 4 people on your scooter. They don’t bother foreigners at all, drunk, no helmet, the cops don’t give a shit. The only things you don’t do is steal stuff, start a fight or dabble in “bad” drugs.

This is how I roll.

Chainsmoking Marlboros and sipping on stuff, luckily I have insurance and the 125cc barely goes over a 100k.

The Johnny Walker soda is especially nice, fruity even.

Road and trucks.

The roads here are awesome, very twisty and topographically all over the place. Really steep curves and up hill bends, everyone just flies. No lights or road markings. You need to get someplace? You just go, defensive driving will get you nowhere. Turn signals? Don’t be silly. Helmets? Hah.


This place has a sevy on every street block, cheap booze and cheap
redbull. And the air conditioning is pleasant to say the least.


Had a few beers and a nice chat with the owner of this place. A really cool guy from Edmonton, he assured me repeatedly that he does NOT miss Alberta.

A footwear tragedy.

Good bye my sole-mates (where do I come up with these jokes?). You have carried me through Europe and catered to my daily footware needs. Sad to see you go, you were lovely.

You have been replaced by ugly $2 sandals.