You are my Eurostar.

This bad boy has power reclining seats and power sunshades, ahhhh the simple things that impress me. We only got free cofee and a biscuit that, no shit…looked like a tiny turd.

Quick update RE: Tatoos.

Just had a quick consultation with some Brits regarding the “above ass tatoos”. The proper term in London is “Tramp Stamp”. There you have it. I’m getting a surfing tatoo to show people that I’m “outdoorsy” and “athletic”.

Italian HD.

Hotel entertainment. A 12 inch CRT TV with a picture so fuzzy that you can’t tell if you’re watching football or soccer. The pot smokers (Netherlands) just killed the baguettes (French) 4-1. I believe this is the highest scoring game so far in the series.

Ahhh Venice.

Absolutely stunning. The narrow alleyways, random tunnels and
countless bridges. We spend about 7 hours a day just hiking around.
No cars here, no bicycles, not even a skateboard. Everything from
public transportation, taxis, and the movement of goods travels
through the narrow canals. Cruising through them on a barge is
something out of a storybook. The food is awesome too. It's very
clean and very friendly here, I will miss this place.

So stoked to have been able to watch a couple EuroCup games here,
including an Italian one….the whole town comes alive. I can't
believe I would be able to do anything like this ever in my life.

Off to Rome on the Eurostar tomorrow, early morning, very early. I'll
be walking through the Coloseum tomorrow, holy damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In memory.

Of Pijjie the pigeon who has lost his life here after a lengthy battle
with pigeonietous.

Off to Venice.

Just off to Venice on the Eurostar, first class of course, we're not
animals. Just hung out in their private lounge, away from the tourists
and the riff raff of the train station. Included dinner and drinks are
arriving shortly, they better have today's New York Times.


And we got some mozarella smothered anchovy pizza for dessert. It was great and really cheap.

Bye bye Ibiza.

So glad we are not taking the stupid 7 hour ferry. Even though I don’t like flying in commercial planes, that ferry trip here was gruelling. The weather is awesome right now, no clouds, the sky looks almost too blue. Looking forward to Italy. We still haven’t found any good food anywhere during this trip. I guess It’s pizza and pasta for a few days, hope it’s good. Also glad that we are leaving this crazy island, the hooligans, the fights and all night screaming prevented any type of rest. The shitty bed in our hotel did not help either. Super happy that we had our last hoorah. The show on Sunday was stellar. Most of the night the music was lame and we hung out outside on the beach drinking sangria. When 5AM and Sean Tyas came around things became a bit more serious, the commercial pop was gone, the laser was in full swing and the thousand or so people still left in the club started to go crazy. Even though I was getting really tired and cranky, I stayed pretty much for the whole set. It was all a full on, hard as hell, ear tairing Trance. His mixing was flawless, it was a mad blend of track after track insanity. He played off 3 1000’s and a Pioneer 800. Besides these 2 heartstopping epic mixes that he slipped in the middle of his set there no pauses, no fucking around. It was brilliant, maybe the best set I’ve ever heard. When he played “Lift”, one of my favourite tracks of all time I knew that my Ibiza mission was complete.

New iPhone news, meh!!!!

Been waiting for some news from Apple regarding iPhone 2.0 for many months. They finally arrived yesterday, I feel more than dissapointed. After all this time, on the hardware end they have added a true GPS, something that many phones have had for years. They did not however add any GPS software, you are still reliant on either WI/FI or the newly added 3G (also something that has been implemented on other
phones years ago) what if you are camping, off the beaten path? Is this not when you need a GPS the most? Being able to load small snippits of maps into the phone’s memory would have been rad. This was one of my most anticipated features and it’s completely useless to me at this point. Apple upped the memory to 16GB, not a big deal, and replaced the awesome brushed aluminum backing of the original model with a plastic one. Apparently metal degrades the WI/FI signal. I say bullshit, they did it to save money. It really cheapens the look. Ohhh one more thing, they finally fixed the bonehead-designed recessed headphone jack that required an adapter to use headphones other than Apple’s. Ahhh,hmmm. That’s it on the hardware end. On the software end, things are a bit more impressive. Loads of new enterprise apps,i ncreased security, exchange support, RIM like push E-Mail, remote wipe and updates to the SDK. The way Apple implemented their developers program is very impressive. Apparently the pool of developers has access to all the tools that Apple has. I can’t wait for some innovative software. The iPhone 2.0 software update is free for current users, nice.

Few other little things. They reduced the price, finally commited to Canada (hope we won’t get raped with outrageous data plans..Rogers AND Fido) and showed off a few cool looking games. I was hoping for more. In addition to the GPS software I mentioned above I was hoping for some kind of improvements in the camera. The 2 Megapixel, no flash, no zoom…no nothing camera is really a weak point. A Front facing unit would have been awesome for video calling as would image stabilization.

Will I get the new phone, probably, but really for no other reason than that my girlfriend whats my old one.

I will write more about all this later.


He had the lyrics to Oceanlab's "satellite" on his custom made
sticker. This is the one time when I wished I was gay, me and him
could listen to music together, be drunk, high on E.


I'm thinking of getting one of those "above the ass" tatoos. Been doing some research lately and have come up with a few choices. The first and most obvious would be a native dreamcatcher with a flower of feathers bursting around it. The other less exciting choices would either be a flock of smiling dolphins surrounded by air bubbles or perhaps an animated tulip that would bloom as I squeezed my buttocks. I must find low rise male pants, I want this project to be special.


Some loser (me) forgot to turn off the headlights. There was no
pleasant chime or warning. The car was dead. Luckly the tragic
incident happened on a slopey street. A little push, a jumpstart and
we were back in action in minutes.