Acer One.

Got one with the 6 cell battery which gives me over 7 hours of playtime. Upgrading the RAM was the most horrific experience ever, you have to take the machine completely apart. The screws are eyeglass size and there are approximately 7000 of them. Tiny little connectors, hair width little cables, plastic clips, lots of work. Great little machines, fast enough for everything I do. The only thing lacking is wireless N, not sure why it wasn’t included..being stuck with 54Mbps saddens me.

Acer Aspire One.

Got the white Acer Aspire one while my old Acer is getting it’s LCD screen replaced. Love this thing, needs a little bit more RAM (only has a GB) and a bigger hard drive. Gonna give this white one to Marcie and ordered myself a blue unit with 1.5GB RAM (max) and a 320 GB 7200 RPM SATA hard drive. Now I just need to sell her old laptop and we’re set!!


Whilst doing some cleaning this afternoon a nice, heavy and sharp
edged lamp decided to make a sudden landing on my 12 inch LCD screen.
No data lost, lamp punished, new Acer laptop on desk 30 minutes later.

Loved the old machine, hopefully the LCD fixit dude in Vancouver will
ease my pain.

The weather is so odd.

It’s very hot, very muggy but dark and cloudy. When it comes to the weather, this summer has been extremely sucky. I took the roof off the Jeep this morning, now it looks like it’s going to rain. What am I do to do?? It’s the weekend tooooooooo.

Delicious Poutine.

Just had poutine, a fabulous meal. You almost get 4 courses on one plate and if you squeeze some ketchup on this mess you get a healthy, albeit small dose of vegetables. Can’t wait to go back!!!