Made it to Bangkok.

Holy crap, this place is massive and wild. In a cab right now trying
to find the hotel, probably gonna stay up all night and explore. It’s really, really hot!!!

Last night.

Yesterday evening I returned the scoot so we can drink street beers and walk around town. Ate way too much food, consumed too many beers. We walked through the whole town right to the end of this amazing pier. Easily the hottest night last night, if it wasn’t for quick 7-11 cool-downs I would have probably collapsed from the deathly heat. Even at midnight it was unbearable.

Finished product.

Dude throws down a pancake, drops and egg and fries it all in ALOT of butter. Tosses in some sliced banana, folds it up then drizzles sweet condensed milk. A little sugar on top, dear ohh dear!!!!


This sand is paper white, feels like talcum powder. Gonna bring some back, it needs to be fondled, it feels erotic.