Pubs in England.

They are all so different, so wonderfully awesome. You walk in, find
a table you like, note the table number then walk up to the bar, order
and pay. Besides the friendly people who bring you the food and drinks
there are no waiters, no one to bother you. No smoking too.


Took a train to Crawley this afternoon, we planned to see a movie and explore the town. Our train took a while to come and we were late for the movie. I was hoping to hike around a little bit after the show but the weather, for some weird reason became brutally cold. We came back early and caught the tail end of the spanking the Russians got from the Brazilians (0-3).

Watched the "Sex in the city movie", it was ok, funny at times, stupid most of the time, drawn out, highly unrealistic girlie drama. This brings up another point about movies. Why the hell do we have to watch, in this instance 33 minutes of bullshit ads before the movie. Half a frigging hour of useless shit being pushed down my throat, I paid for the movie, no one had paid me to sit through leg waxing and idiotic car ads. No wonder people steal shows these days. I enjoy going to a theater now and then, but with this abundance of cinematic crap, product placement, previews and ads I see myself staying home with my bittorrent client more and more.

What's wrong with the people here?

Why the hell is everyone so damn nice in the country? They make me sick to my stomach. From the people at the pubs, cashiers at the stores, random people shaking my hand on the street and striking up conversations to people literally sacrificing their maps and quite a bit of time to provide us with directions. Absolutely amazing, every single person I have met in England and there has been many has been friendlier and more personable than in any other place I have visited. Love it here, London and this little town I’m in are really fucking cool.

It is such a contrast from the English travellers that I have met outside of the country.

PS. I think England needs to hire more dentists, or perhaps retrain the current ones….or something?


Even though ALL the pictures in this blog have been taken with a shitty cameraphone, you can still get a larger view by clicking on them.


Swerve@ "The End". An underground DNB nightclub on the outskirts of London. This place books all the big DNB acts, AndyC in playing here in a few days. We partied our ass off, the place was packed, the music only got annoying at the end. Perfect way to end the nutty night.


I was being overly confident that we could get tickets. After alot of hoopla we arrived at the park to find out that the concert had been sold out. There were over 40,000 people there the night before, this was to be the less busy event, their second concert in a row. Complete dissapointment, we sat in the park listening to the choons from far away, we were even able to see the stage…but. Bollocks if you ask me. A random bloke approached me, two tickets he had, I offered him less than 1/2 the face value…..he happily accepted. Holy crap, for 40 London Bucks we both got in. The concert was busy with “only” about 35,000 people, insanity. I will write more later.

Buckingham palace.

We even watched some type of a military parade, changing of colours or something like that. No clue, but it happens only once every 25 years and we stumbled upon it. Sadly the Queen refused my repeaded phonecalls and doorbell rings. I just wanted to be nice a nice tourist and ask her out for drinks and sausages. Mean-Queen.

Our flight home costs £12.00.

From Gatwick to Vancouver. I even ordered a vegetarian, dairy-free meal….just to screw with them.

PS. Not going to make it to Poland, not enough time + too tired + I want to go camping in BC + I miss my cat + spent too much money + I want to make Polska a vacation all on it’s own!!!!

My first British pub.

Just had my haircut and now it's clearly time to celebrate with some breakfast pints. Tried a few local beers and so far have been very dissapointed, most taste like very watered down ales. A STRONG beer here is a %5 lager, it tastes like Canadian with alot less crispness and flavous. Not giving up yet, the day is young and the variety is extensive. I will however stop asking for suggestions from the locals.

Just had Coronation chicken (Hi Elaine!!), a chicken breast wrapped in a pita, smothered in a mustardey, tangy sauce. Superb.

For Queen and country.

Made my 1st ever transaction with the British pound. It was for very delicious and tart grapefruit juice and it was uneventful. I'm finally gonna get my hairs on my head cut an styled, I look unsightly, more than ever.