Wait in line, pay the money, expect some good music. Not this time, the back room was closed and the music in the main room was lame-ish. False advertising.

View from my cabin.

Spent the day shopping at Fields, buying fancy food and exploring Vesuvius. Checked out the late night showing of Tropic Thunder at the Salt Spring theater last night, boring. Wish the weather was better, really wanna go golfing. Went to the course this morning, it was dead, too gloomy to play. Sushi restaurant for dinner this evening then some stupid folk band at Moby’s. The liveliness of the Island is gone, the fall colors however sure are pretty.

This is the 1st time I’m in this cabin, it’s #4 and it’s got it’s own little private beach. It’s completely out of the way, never knew it even existed.