Late night sushi at home.

We still can’t find fresh tuna but have some ideas.  Might harass one of the local sushi restaurant owners to order some extra from their supplier just for us.

Really missing hungover Sunday morning Vancouver sashimi….








Plant nursery.

We found a nursery 5 minutes away from our place.  It’s beautiful, full of absolutely everything and the size of a small city.  Never seen anything like it.

Needless to say, it’s time to get some plants for the house and start playing in the mud.

I may have mentioned this but the building manager is allowing us to have a flower and herb garden on the property.  Amalia will get her own flower/veggie/herb plot outside.  Fun.











I must admit, really lovin’ the Apple TV.

Most importantly I’m really liking YouTube, I never really realized how much stuff there is.  I’m watching cold war documentaries, cooking shows, airplane videos, and many more obscure clips I wouldn’t normally be exposed to.  Just watched a documentary on the history of perfume the other day, yes perfume.  Some of the WW2 stuff is also very gripping, secret weapons, Russia’s space program, documentaries on technology, computers and the Internet.  Great background stuff for when you’re just hanging around the house.

The Apple TV is super easy to use and ties into your iTunes account.  We listen to 80’s radio stations, podcasts, CBC and most of all, it turns your TV into a massive photo frame. 

Ohhh…and it’s cheap as bag of apples and as I mentioned before, the remote is great.