Whoa, this is the cleanest bathroom I’ve seen since enjoying my own back home. I feel like sitting down on one of these toilets just for fun.

A handsome seahorse.

If you could hang out and party with someone that isn’t another human being, ya know…hit the clubs, pick up chicks…Who would it be??? For me the choice is clear, it would be a male seahorse, just look at the guy!!!!!


Anyone remember the Seinfeld episode, ya know….the with the smelly car. The one when Jerry’s BMW gets a smell that no amount of washing, detailing or deodorizing can get out. I am facing that issue right now with my new sandals.

Jerry ends up buying a new car, I’m off shoe shopping.

Ya know what's funny.

I always try to approach people taking pictures of their families and
ask if I can be included. I have a suprisingly high success rate.

Ohh man ohh man.

I simply don’t have the vocabulary to express how I feel in a place like
this. This temple and the museum are truely a sight that pretty much
take your breath away. The peacefulness is impossible to describe.

Best breakfast ever.

A piece of REALLY deep fried street chicken, two greasy and undercooked pork sausages on a stick, a couple of beers and a Marlboro for dessert.

Ahhh yes yes.

This is one of those roads that trick you into riding on the right,
why??? I have no fucking idea.

Can't wait to jump in the Jeep and cruise leftie down Robson. Sorry
officer, I no speakie engleesh.

Staying at a new place tonight.

Trying to sleep someplace different daily, got a huge room, half the
bathroom is on a balcony, all adjascent to a wikkid patio. All
blanketed with wifi. Thank you Apple for your wonderous and handy
little invention.