Mustache update.

Sadly last night the mustache has been sheared off. I miss it. This morning I have decided to grow a fresh one. I am eagerly anticipating a more widespread adaptation of this exciting and long forgotten facial feature. Why isn't the Tom Selleck look as popular as it clearly should be is baffling.

We have been forced by the strong winds to remain on this island for one more day, actually we might be able to leave late tonight, time will tell. The ferries were canceled. The weather is great but it's getting slightly boring here. We've been pretty much everywhere on this island paradise but there is only so much you can do. Lying on a beach, I'm embarrassed to say isn't my idea of fun. In addition if I run into another screaming, drunken teenager I will politely, and respectfully kick their ass.

PS. That is an actual tattoo on this dude's finger, coincidentally his name is Matt.

I do not recommend the movie entitled:

"The Incredible Hulk"

Edward Norton, I truly believe that you are one of the best actors ever. If you're reading this blog, and you should, could you please STOP stooping to these incredibly low depths of movie making.

Kind of funny.

Our hotel has a movie hour and all they play are bootleg movies that they scam off the net. They played Sex in the city, Iron Man, now playing The Incredible Hulk. This particular showing is a really bad and blurry camera version with mono sound, Chinese and Greek subtitles. It's fun to be here right now, watching a stolen movie in a beach bar with a bunch of drunks from around the world and eating deep fried food with mayonnaise. I'm going to hell for sure.

One more shot from our patio.

Why is everyone who travels either from Canada’s west coast, Australia, England or the US? Pretty much %97 of the people we run into reside in these places. Just walked by the pool bar, the bartender is from Van, the two dudes shwilling his beer live in Burnaby. Comically, a young girl runs up overhearing our conversation and tells me that she lives in freakkin’ Gordon Head. The French looking, French speaking fellow I ran into in Athens is from Montreal, born and raised. Where are the Chinese, don’t they go on holidays?

Europe is SMS crazy.

SMS blah blah number to a blah blah number and for only 2 Euro you can vote for your favourite TV hunk, WTF, who gives a shit? SMS to get a stupid barking dog ringtone for only €1.50. Sign up for a daily cell phone "babe wallpaper" for "only" 99 cents a day. TV seems worse here than in Canada, in addition to countless, back to back car ads, really stupid car ads if I may add, it's all bullshit SMS cell phone garbage. Who would pay €7.99 for a basic pac-man clone that you can barely see on your tiny-ass screen is beyond me. I might get a Tupac hip-hop theme for my iPhone for ONLY €4.99………. riiiiiiight!!!!!!!

It's 5:16 AM.

Been walking for 5 minutes and my back is soaked in sweat. So hot.
Cruising at about 3 hours of sleep, heading to catch the fast ferry to
the Greek island of IOS.


Why you can't order a brick of cheese as an appetizer in Canada is
Greek to me.

A little home project for ya.

Relax, approach your oven and set to approximately 40 degrees. Don't cheat, that part is crucial. Give it a good 20 minutes to preheat, this is a perfect time to drink some cold water and mentally prepare. Slowly open oven door, be careful, enter oven. Comfortably recline on the top rack and quickly close oven door. Relax and enjoy the Greecian weather, use oven light to simulate day and night.

The trains in Greece.

Even though we got the 1st class cabin everything looks very old school. At least there air conditioning. And we have beer. I really need a haircut, keeping the mustache for now, it creeps people out. Very good.

Really sad to be leaving this place.

Even though this isn't a very big place two days here is just not enough. It's beautiful, the weather has been a little too much but the scooter cruising has kept us cool as has the sea and our overly awesome and overly airconditioned hotel room. The people here are full of life, friendly, lazy, sincere. Everyone seems to drink all day, eat bad, fatty food and spend way too much time in the sun. Sounds kind of perfect. We are off to Athens on the afternoon train, along Greece's coast. Fuck yeah.

Sorry for posting this, but I must.

There is a new trend in the air. A trend so vile, so unappealing that even the hottest girl is unable to pull off. A trend that makes LuLu Lemon sweat pants look like Armani jeans. I'm talking about MC Hammer pants, but worse. Countless fashion victims don these atrocities in Greece. Have these girls no access to a simple mirror, are they a prank, a cruel bet? What am I to do? A lost male in a sea of droopy-poopy trousers.

Music track of the day: MC Hammer "Have you seen her", look it up, it exists.