Listen people, peephole update. (door lock update will be posted later, stay tuned).

I won’t bore you will all the details but the peephole is finally installed.  The reason this challenging project took more than a week is incredibly convoluted, complex, yet fascinating.  The biggest problem was with the initial purchase of the unit itself.  I’ve embarrassingly neglected to measure the thickness of the front door, (3cm) purchased a peeper that’s simply too long (4cm).  After drilling the hole and inserting the viewing unit, it unsightly stuck out, botched job.  After analyzing this project from every angle, I’ve decided to purchase a few rubber washers at the local plumbing store to fill the visually unpleasing gap (1cm).  Here are the finished photos.  I am very proud of what I was able to accomplish, might install one more, this time at my height.

These photos don’t do this justice, it really needs to be seen in real life to be appreciated.  It’s quite a sight.






We’re having sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun….

Our average Bulgarian day for the last 1.5 months.

1. Wake up when our bodies are ready to wake up.

2. Sweep, feed the cats and scoop their poop, wrestle.

3. Crack open a beer.

4. Update Facebook, check Reddit, Engadget, eBay…..then shower….or not.

5. Scoop more poop.

6. Put on a pair of shorts, yesterday’s shirt….slip on sandals.

7. Go to the beach and hop between a dozen or so beach bars and restaurants.  Make new friends, annoy some people, share our stories.

8.  Come home, feed cats, scoop, make awesome food while watching Frasier or a Cheers re-run on Netflix.

9.  Go to the beach and hop between a dozen or so beach bars and restaurants.  Explore more beaches and resorts (we have more than 100 beaches around here).

10. Pick up a basket of $1.50 Champagnes, consume on beach.  Continually blab back and fourth without a SECOND of pause…FOR HOURS…non stop.

11.  Visit our awesome vegetable lady at the local market, buy zucchini.

12. Come home, scoop, have an 80’s dance party.

13.  3AM, quick poop scoop then time to sleep.



Close your eyes and imagine this.

This fantastic lady brings her battery powered piano and sings along to pre-recorded christian music in front of the tourists.

(religion aside)…While SINGING along……I peed…down my leg, I couldn’t help it, it was so fucking funny. 

If this was an SNL skit, it would revive the whole show.