Whoa, it's Friday.

I actually had something called a “stressful week”. Very busy at work. SQL Database corruption, Adaptec SATA controller death, active directory migration and a massive switch over from Win2K server to the spicy new Windows Server 2008.

Ohh and add a hard drive failure on one of the fancy 10,000 RPM Raptor drives. Luckily no data loss as everything is triple backed up. Lot of frustration however and wasted time.

It’s gonna be a fun weekend, Marcie Birthday celebrations and fun in the sun. It’s now time to eat the biggest steak the Keg has to offer and wash it down with some “Keg Sized” Caesars.

A takeout evening.

I love eating by myself, especially upside down sushi. I can take off my pants put on some music, make a vodka drink, put in some old reruns of The Colbert Report, grab today’s issue of the Globe And Mail and indulge all at once.

The Whiz <—-Click

I met the guy who distributes these little gadgets last weekend. I was just hanging out at the ferry terminal and we started to chat. He sells them for $25 and gave me one as a present.

Nice guy!!!

I love this YouTube Video. <– Click

This is an actual AD from Microsoft demonstrating the new Windows Mobile 6.5.

Notice the lag when the dude tries to pretty much do anything on this phone, it looks even slower and more clunky than WinMO 5. Microsoft, if you are listening to me, please, please dump the current Windows Mobile code and start from scratch. The more you add the more shitty the OS becomes, a complete rewrite is your only escape. Listen to me dammit!!!!!!

Also Microsoft, for your own good please stop charging a $50 “upgrade” prices for folks who want to purchase a new machine Vista-Free. We all realize that Vista is a turkey and possibly the biggest disaster since the inception of your company, stop talking about it, stop promoting it, focus on Windows 7 and get it out the door ASAP.

Stop fucking around and constantly changing the Office suite, how about optimizing the code, speeding things up a little. Maybe making Outlook a little more user friendly and a little more stable especially for people who use it to host a lot of data.

Thank You and God bless!!!!

Facebook???? Huh??

“Over the past few days, we have received a lot of good feedback about the new terms we posted two weeks ago. Because of this response, we have decided to return to our previous Terms of Use while we resolve the issues that people have raised.”

This is what they wrote on the main page, hilarious.

Freakkin' recession.

I’m really starting to feel the negative effects of this recession. Went down to my local pub to indulge in a couple orders of these sinful little bits. To my surprise the fuckers diminished each order by a whole %25, I only received three, yes THREE asparagus units per order and not the usual four. I caused a scene, I was outraged, told the lady that she better pony up my order or she will only see $3.75 not the usual $5 per stick. She had the audacity to tell me that the pub never served four units per stick, blah blah blah…..luckily I had a picture from a month ago proving her wrong. I knew that taking pictures of food will come in handy one day!!!!!

Lucky for her she fixed this terrible mistake by dropping off two more morsels, happy days!!!


Went through a fancy new carwash today, nothing really interesting to report. It is however the best automatic wash thus far. No spots and no scratches.

My job for today!!!

Got a meeting downtown with a dude who just bought an iPhone, he’s the owner of a company I do contract work for. I’ve been pressuring him to buy the Jesus phone for months and he finally caved in.

I’m spending the the afternoon setting it up for him, downloading apps, music and showing him how to use it. Sounds like a very stressful day!!

Got fishies again.

Ever since “the incident” I never thought I would allow myself the joy
of being a fish owner once again. I have learned my lesson, read the
books and took the courses. Lance BASS III and Justin TimberLAKE II
have been added to my roster today. Godspeed, little fellas, Godspeed.