Bad Dealer

First it was the loose center console, whilst fixing the console they break the shifter boot, while replacing the boot they scratch the console, while fixing the console and the boot they break my shifter.

This has taken four appointments, each time losing the vehicle for a day. Now I have to go back tomorrow and get them to order the shifter handle, wait for it to arrive and once again lose the car for a day waiting for them to install it.

Ohh, the car is barely a year old and it’s already gone through three recalls.

Got Me Some EEE

This is an incredible piece of hardware, extremely compact (makes my 12 inch Acer notebook look like a monster), SSD hard drive, webcam, and a long lasting battery. It runs on a very easy to use variant of Linux called Xandros and seems to be %100 compatible with my Windows XP based home network. I was able to open Excel and Word documents with ease off a thumbdrive and off my network. WiFi setup was a snap as was installing and updating applications from the Internet.

More info here

This thing is dirt cheap, a great traveling companion, highly recommended!!

The only thing missing is a GPS and the 8GB SSD is a little tight!!!