My shin has a bump the size of my knee, a tennis incident.

















Quite possibly the nicest, and the coolest bike I have ever seen. Parked in front of an old folks home??? on Beach Dr.


Party In Vancouver

Played at a party in Vancouver last Sat. Possibly the best time I’ve ever had. My buddy Darek, the opening DJ was absolutely amazing. He played a hardware only Live PA Techno set, super cool. I ended up playing just after midnight, a little mix of Progressive and Trance till the end of the party.

So much great food, really hot people, a truck load of all different types of booze, a VERY angry cop-lady threatening to confiscate our gear, madness, total mayhem!!













All of our gear, I brought my CDJ1000’s and my XONE62, he brought all the rest, some really cool stuff.


























A picture from Darek’s Vancouver condo we went to on Sunday morning after the party.














His massive cat, Kaitek.