Warning, this post is about a thermostat.

I really wanted to buy a WiFi enabled thermostat with an Android app and a cool screen but was not allowed to.  Decided on something simpler and ordered a much cheaper unit from Germany this morning.

It will control the floor and heating upstairs, touch screen with a cool blue light that will match the wall and look a little more high-tech than the simple dial we have downstairs in the bathroom (which I will replace in due time)

The new flooring and all the electrical upgrades should be all installed within the next 10 days.

Really havin’ fun with all this house stuff.  Lots to do still, Amalia is painting another mural upstairs and we’re already planning on completely gutting the kitchen.



Big campervan day today.

Spent the rainy afternoon with the heater on in the van, cleaning, organizing, and completely repainting the interior.  Even though the van has given me pretty much zero grief, it’s always a project on the go to keep it grief-free.  We might upgrade and replace some of the upholstery, I siliconed’ a few spaces where water could get in over the winter and checked all the electrical and plumbing equipment.  Purged and cleaned the huge water tank and filled it with a bit of bleach to keep the pipes free of icky-bugs and checked the propane system for leaks.  All is well.  

Mechanically things seem sound but an oil and filter change is in order and I might attempt at replacing the fuel filter.  Still need to replace the broken tail light and possibly the front bumper, I wish campervan parts weren’t so costly.  I figure the front bumper will easily set me back a grand, probably more.  Maybe a slightly better sound system, too.  The deck is great but the speakers suck and need to be replaced, a small amplifier would also help.  Winter project.


Big day for us tomorrow, a really big and exciting day…stay tuned.



Lazy Sunday at the clubhouse. They have the best hand made fries in Bulgaria, you dip them in this crazy spicy chili dippy stuff.

We’ve been having soooo much fun over the last few weeks….IT’S CRAZYYYYY.  Exploring, shopping, playing house, playing with the bad cats and enjoying daily evening parties at home with Amalia-food and cheap wine.

Heading to Burgas on Thursday to pick up party supplies and food for Amalia’s MASSIVE Birthday party that starts this Friday and ends just before Christmas.

We’re also buying a new sewing machine, the cats need gloves and hats for the winter and I could use a new handkerchief.

Ohhh and living here in Bulgaria is pretty much like living in heaven, you may think I’m exaggerating but please take my word for it…heaven is an understatement.  I love being here soo much, words just can’t describe….

We have the whole city to ourselves and we’re treated like absolute royalty EVERYWHERE we go.  Everyone always stops to say hello, waves to us, everyone wants to chat and everyone …and I mean everyone is soooo nice…overly nice..to a fault.

…..ohhhh and don’t even get me started on the Asia trip that’s being planned for early next year.  Exciting times.

………but but the best news should be revealed hopefully next week.

thank you for reading.