I have to leave kitty at home by himself for 2 days.


I just gave him a huge pet-attack and a tone of snacks.  Told him about the dangers of matches, showed him how to operate the Wii (something to keep him busy) and politely told him no friends and no loud music after 10 o’clock.

Also left him the emergency phone numbers.

PS.  Broccoli-the-fish received a similar set of instructions.

Saw Tron this afternoon.


Another boring and predicable Hollywood production, the music however was great.


Memorable movies of the year:

“Fish Tank:”

“The Kids Are All right”

“Bring Them To The Greek”

“True Grit”

As far as I can remember, nothing else stood out….

Last night’s dinner.

Had dinner at Amalia’s last night and her Mom made us an amazing meal.  She used a raclette grill with a plethora of meats and vegetables which we got to cover with cheese.  You have these little trays under the grill where you hide and warm up your cheeses, once the veggie or meat is done grilling you cover it with cheese and consume.  You’re pretty much just eating cheese.  It’s one of those meals where it’s difficult to hide your tears of joy.




So funny.

“A degree in holistic health is like having a degree in Unicorn biology from the University of Imaginationville”