It’s been 2 weeks and I’m absolutely lovin’ the new system.

Buttery smooth (even on my old i5) with absolutely no issues thus far.  Really loving my new monitor, it’s hooked up with HDMI but I ordered a DisplayPort cable, apparently it even sharpens up the display a tiny bit.

I’ve also done about 2 dozen ‘one click’ upgrades for my clients and also…ZERO issues. So far so good.  I love the new UI and have yet find any apps that don’t work.  OneDrive is still being a bitch, slow and strangely unreliable.  We’ve switched 1/2 of our cloud storage needs to DropBox for business, it just seems to work better right now.

When Microsoft brings back ‘offline files’ in OneDrive sometime in the last quarter of 2015, I will be switching back.



Would you like to hear the best story ever, if so, read on.

I bought my Goggle NEXUS 7 tablet about 16 months ago in Greece, it was the LTE variant with 32GB of storage and even today I still see it as my greatest electronic gadget purchase ever.  After giving up on owning a smartphone about 3 years ago and more importantly giving up on calling people, I thought a tablet would be the best of everything.  I could still use Skype’s txt’ing feature to communicate with everyone and have a big enough screen to read my stupid tech news and post derogatory comments on Facebook.  Awesome. After about 1.5 years of, admittedly, very heavy use the unit died.  I didn’t drop it, I didn’t misuse it, I didn’t scratch it, it was a very strange but not uncommon hardware error.  Apparently the flash memory where the operating system is stored became corrupt and damaged from such frequent reads and writes and nothing on this planet, no trickery, was able to revive it.  I tried countless tools, countless hacks and ideas from the Reddit community, zero success.  Getting something repaired in Bulgaria is generally easy and laughingly inexpensive unless it requires parts, parts that are almost impossible to obtain.  The mainboard in the tablet needed to be replaced and because it was an EU model, trying to get the part on eBay, impossible.  After the iPad, this is perhaps the most popular tablet on earth but, of course, since the US market is so massive, the EU version was not nearly as common (the EU mainboard is drastically different from the US model).  I was stuck.

Since the tablet is almost 2 years old, buying a new unit was impossible (believe me, I tried) and anything used on eBay was either scratched to shit or completely broken, or worse, extremely expensive.  Buying a different tablet was out of the question, even though this model is 2 years old….it’s still, hands down the very best tablet on the market today.  It’s super quick, light and small, charges wirelessly, the display looks ‘real’ and the LTE mobile super fast and very reliable all over Europe….it’s a great traveling companion.  Days later it appears my whole neighborhood was aware of my incredible tragedy, many suggested I just pick up a cheap $50 tablet till a new Nexus replacement is unveiled sometime in 2016, others told me to get the Galaxy 4 smartphone (best phone on the market, but I didn’t want a phone).

After a few days, like Superman out of the sky my friend Arthur suggests that he takes my broken gadget back to Russia to see “what he can do” and perhaps get it back to me repaired in a few months.  Since I was out of ideas I graciously agreed and gave him a hug.  To make the rest of this story short, this man flew to Moscow and found an underground repair shop with an exact motherboard replacement that I needed and after 80 bucks my tablet was as good as new!!!!!  To make the story more amazing, he was able to hand the repaired tablet to one of my neighbors who was lucky enough to be returning to our complex in Bulgaria.  I had my Nexus in my hands days later and it’s working beautifully.  I know you’re reading this Arthur, I owe you 400 beers and 100 bacon wrapped chickens when I see you. 

Thank you for reading.

Below is what the replacement board looks like, it contains the flash memory and the memory controller.

2015-08-10 18.52.22