My headphone story.

For the first time in history I decided not to splurge on headphones and just buy myself something super cheap.  I can’t see the value in spending over $200 on a pair anymore, perhaps due to economic reasons, perhaps due to the fact that I’m cheap or perhaps because it’s the smart thing to go.  Last week I ordered a pair of over the ear ‘Skullcandy’ headphones from a genuine reseller in the UK (I did my research) and for less than $8 they arrived at my doorstep from London 4 days later (I still don’t understand how anyone makes money on eBay).  With plenty of padding, a metal frame and perfectly-perfect comfort (even on my potato sack sized head) they did not feel any cheaper than my old $250 Sony units.  They may not sound as good (although they sound more than fine for my needs, quite frankly…they sound awesome) but come with a freakkin’ lifetime replacement warranty and..…and…and………and, as a bonus, the seller included a free pair of ‘Skullcandy’ in ear phones which also look and sound great.  Both came in full retail packaging and warranty cards.

Thank you for reading.

2015-09-20 15.48.06