Stew from last night.

Left the roast in the slow cooker for an extra 3 hours on low last night, after it came out of the fridge this morning it was about 400X more tasty and excellent.  A glass of red wine and a few slices of pumpernickel to soak up the beefy-garlic sauce and I’ve got the best lunch ever.

VEMF is tomorrow.

Victoria’s Electronic Music Festival starts tomorrow.  The two day event is being held at Centennial square, pretty much 2 blocks away from my place.  I’m slightly excited and will definitely check out some of the acts, workshops and the beer gardens.  The highlight of the event will be the huge booking of Christopher Lawrence, he’s on at 10PM on Sunday.

More than 20 hours of electronic music plus countless club and afterhours events are only a sleep away.  All the bills are paid, booze is fridging in the fridge and it’s the long weekend….LET’S GO!!

Tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the Commodore Amiga.

Ahh, childhood memories.  Never owned the original 1000 pictured below.  The 500 which came out shortly after was an all-in-one unit and was exponentially more popular, it was my 1st Amiga.  She was my entertainment center, my friend, my sidekick, my love and passion for as long as I can remember.  This computer was the center of my life when I was growing up.

Amiga 1000.

The Amiga 500

Coupled with the 1084S (S stood for stereo) Hi Res monitor this thing was a beast of a machine, it was a multimedia powerhouse capable of displaying 4096 colors, stereo sound, multitasking and games that even today remain unmatched.

The Commodore Amiga 501 expansion.

This little add-in card that fit into a “bay door” below the computer would double the computer’s RAM from 512 to a whopping 1MB RAM, it was the 1st hardware purchase after the unit itself.  It would enable richer content in games, speech synthesis, allow for running more applications at once and sped up the machine considerably.  Since the computer, at first, did not have a hard disk all of the information was loaded from 880kB floppy diskettes, certain games and applications required the tedious swapping of multiple diskettes, at times more than 20.  Workbench, the operating system, was fully graphical and required a mouse,  it was eons ahead of what the PC and the “black DOS screen”  used at that time.  The machine used the Motorola 68K series microprocessor (the 500 used the original 6800 running at 7.14MHz) with subsequent models getting upgraded and faster chips.

More fascinating info on the Amiga 500 here, and it’s other popular cousin the Amiga 2000 here, well worth the nerdy read.

CF-18 crashed at an Alberta airport today.

The pilot ejected safely, no one yet knows what happened.  I have been reading quite a bit about Canada’s upcoming purchase of a flock of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jets.  The Canadian government is planning to spend about 9 Billion dollars on the airplanes which could go as high as 18 Billion when you include the service contract.  This would be one of the largest equipment purchases in Canada’s history and would replace the aging fleet of CF-18’s purchased ages ago.  I’m all for cool new toys but do we really need them?  I don’t think so, this money could be better spent in my opinion.  I think the future is in unmanned vehicles as they would be better suited for protecting our great white north from a non-existent enemy.

Andy Moor’s Trance Nation 2010 CD release is days away.

Ministry Of Sound’s famous Trance Nation series is back, this time with no other than Mr. Andy Moor.  Here is the track listing. I’m actually thinking of buying this, my first CD purchase in about 8+ years.  Three days to go.

Straight from the Moor Room.

CD 01
01. Melodia – The Way (Clarks & Setrise Remix)
02. Yuri Kane – Whirlpool
03. The Thrillseekers – Savanna
04. Reeves – Call Of Loneliness (Mat Zo Remix)
05. Temple One Feat. Hannah Ray – Autumn Leaves (Estiva Remix)
06. Ben Nicky Feat. Linnea Schossow – Tears –
07. Markus Schulz Feat. Khaz – Dark Heart Waiting (Jochen Miller Remix)
08. Super8 & Tab – Black Is The New Yellow
09. Matt Darey Presents Urban Astronauts Feat. Kate Louise Smith – See The Sun (Aurosonic Mix)
10. Trilucid – Departures (Skytech Remix)
11. Mat Zo – Near The End
12. Delerium Feat. Miranda Lee Richards – Send Me An Angel (Andy Moor Remix)
13. Bent – As You Fall (Kyau & Albert Remix)
14. Pulstate & Juventa – Somnia (Yuri Kane Remix)

CD 02
01. Susana Feat. Omnia & The Blizzard – Closer
02. Andy Moor Feat. Carrie Skipper – She Moves
03. Lange Feat. Emma Hewitt – Live Forever
04. Mike Shiver Vs Fandy – Sique
05. Mark Eteson – Blackboard
06. DJ Eco Presents Pacheco – Staring At The Sea (Masoud Remix)
07. Yenn – Monzen (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)
08. Nitrous Oxide Feat. Aneym – Far Away (Ronski Speed Remix)
09. Guiseppe Ottaviani Feat. Faith – Angel (Mark Eteson & Ben Nicky Remix)
10. Max Graham Feat. Neev Kennedy – Sun In The Winter
11. Motionchild & Will Holland Feat. Tiff Lacey – Arctic Kiss (Andy Blueman Remix)
12. DJ Eco – People (Rafaël Frost Remix)
13. Ben Preston Feat. Susie – Remember Me
14. Ben Gold – Sapphire
15. Rafaël Frost – Flashback

#8  When I heard that track at the Above and Beyond show @Commodore I thought I was going to die.
#14  I played as my closing track at Sunset Room last weekend.  Yarrrr.

I’ve been doing some research on different types of cat-attacks today.

Trying to figure out whether my cat is really planning an all out attack against me, my abode and my belongings.   I’ve been feeling uneasy lately, sleeping with one eye open and trying to monitor his night time strategic movements.  Even though I have been trying to look like I’m ignoring his planning I am also certain that he knows I’m on to him.  His seemingly innocent leg swats, the evil eye stares, the strategically placed fur markers are worrisome to say the least.

This has been going on for over a month now, I wonder why the delay, what does he have up his furry sleeve?  Tick tock, it’s just a waiting game now.

I hope he knows that I’m a little stronger and slightly smarter than him and the consequences of an all out attack can be dire.  No pets, no food…OR WORSE!!!!!!!!!

Tracklist for the new Psy mix…if anyone cares.

chewy – 144

1.   Poison (Astrix)
2.   Follow Me (Astrix)
3.   Ultrabizzy (Ultravoice VS Bizzare Contact)
4.   A team (Wrecked Machines versus GMS versus Pixel)
5.   The First Revelation (Astrix)
6.   Virgo (Talamasca)
7.   Psychedelic Emotion (Melicia VS D) (Fatali vs Bizzare Contact)
8.   Techmology V3 (Rinkadink)
9.   Temporary Insanity (Xerox & Illuminaton)

Here is the download link again.

I have been on the fence regarding Soundwave.

At this point decided %100 not to go.  The lineup was released a while ago and I cannot find ONE person I want to see play.  Walking back and fourth with a case of beer, having meaningless conversations with people I don’t like, wasting a bunch of money and a summer weekend is something I am not prepared to do.  I had a fun time there last year but now I’ve pretty much closed that chapter of my life.

I will use my Soundwave money and take the Koho over to the US and go on a mini road trip.  I’ve never been to the Olympic National park nor have I ever driven down the sunny Oregon coast.  I’ll bring my fancy camping gear and sleep on the beach, cruise through the little coastal towns and drive south as far as time (and money) allows. I would be stoked to go to Astoria and maybe even as far as Tillamook Bay, we’ll see.


Netherlands and the Spaniards IN THE FINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are only two hours from what I anticipate to be a hell of a game!!!

Only three to go and Spain is about to meet the mighty Germans in a no holds barred, play to the death, epic football match.

It’s beautiful outside but sadly (or should I say fantastically?), I will have the Bard and Banker roof over my head for the next few hours.  I’ll be switching it up between a German Weisen and a Spanish San Miguel throughout my morning beering.  Now if I could only find a good non-partisan but high calorie pub snack.  Perhaps a schnitzel wrapped in prosciutto, yeah!