Some really tough times. Keeping fingers crossed they can survive this.

Just over 200 vehicles delivered. I wonder what’s going to happen when the imment onslaught of electric cars from “traditional” manufacturers start flooding the market. Manufacturers with decades and decades of experience, engineering, proven track records, 1000s of maintenance and repair shops and proven supplylines.

This isn’t going to end well (hope I’m wrong, of course…but this company does have a creepy cult-feeling to me).

Tesla fires hundreds from headquarters, factory

Almost time to say goodbye to this incredible adventure.


Missed out on the military museum in Drezden but there are only so many hours in a day. Covered 58 kilometers by foot in a span of a week and seen things that just a few years ago I only dreamt of seeing. Just this tiny region of Germany I just visited would require quite possibly a 1/2 dozen lifetimes to explore. Not sure what’s next but I’m now taking a month off to ride my bike around my devoid of any lifeforms Sunny Beach neighborhood (plus I have to catch up on soo much reading). Happy days.