Welfare garage sale.

The street people in the West End have these crazy impromptu renegade garage sales. The lay out their “goods” on the side of the road in hopes of making a few bucks from the stuff they find in the bins. Some fool discarded their Armin CD, blasphemy.

PS. There was a dude with a HUGE garbage bag full of cigarettes of all brands, he roams the streets and sells them for $3. Naturally I couldn’t pass up such a great value. I had a little chat with him, it was hilarious.

Just announced.

June 30: Canada Day party

* #18 DJ in the world (DJ Mag 2008)
* Ranked #1 on Beatport Trance sales chart
* Grammy nominated producer (2008)
* Winner “Best Dance Record” (2006 IDMA)
* Winner “Best Trance Producer” & “Best Dance Track” (2004 Trance awards)
* Collaborated with Above & Beyond

Seen him a few times now, can’t wait to see him again….and it’s only $15.

PS. And of course the EXPERIENCE club night continues this Sunday @ Shine with :

DANNY TAYLOR (Ministry of Sound – Taipei)


Windows 7 RC1 was released today.

Burned the ISO, thinking of installing it on some random computer I have lying around. Time to peek in the closet to find something with a dedicated video adapter and at least 2GB RAM. Gonna start the install tonight, apparently it takes no time at all and finally no driver issues. From what I have read, this new product from MS is finally going to take on Windows XP. I hope Vista is forgotten, I never supported it and only installed it on 2 systems when clients insisted on it. Windows XP has been completely and totally bulletproof for me over the last few years, I don’t remember the last time my machine crashed or acted weirdly.

Ohhhh and the RC 1 can be installed and used for free till March of 2010!! Crazy.

Sunset Room!!

Reacton, Reaction, Reaction. We hit up some afterhours action at Victoria’s world famous Sunset Room. It seemed like everyone came out of the woodwork for this gongshow, and a gongshow it was. The place looked amazing, great decorations, great lighting and a huge-ass laser!!! The place was packed, sold out/capacity packed and the vibe was old school. Got to catch up with all my old party mates, poke fun at people and enjoy countless meaningless mingles. The music however was mostly hit and miss, I certainly heard some amazing tracks, but I felt that the selection lacked flow. There was way too much of the currently trendy and very basic techno-type sound and my ears had a hard time differentiating between the tracks. Gone are the days when I would run up to the DJ and ask about the name of the song he was playing and gone are the days when I would be completely lost in a mix. Seems to me that basic/simple sounding and disposable music is the new trend, ohh well!!

I had a blast but there is no doubt in my mind that the golden era of these types of parties has all but dissapeared.