New vintage mags. I am sooo happy.

I was able to purchase these vintage magazines from a guy in Edmonton then have them secretly shipped to Victoria where Amalia was able to hide them in her false-bottomed suitcase and sneakily smuggle them across Eastern European borders all the way to Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast. These are some of the most valuable and desirable, investment quality publications on the planet with the vast majority being worth a more than their original mid ’80s newsstand value. Did I say mint condition?

The noose is slowly tightening.

The noose is slowly tightening. Did you know that Trump has publically lied over 2000 times since taking presidency? These lies have been verified by a number of bipartisan institutions. The president of the USA literally lies 2-3 times/day…..again, this is verified by countless organizations. Let that sink in for a little bit please. Let’s hope for a grand jury (Muller’s special council and Trump in the same room) and the inevitable avalanche of bulshit and perjury that will inevetibly come out of his shithole (mouth), a criminal charge and ultimately a prison sentence. What’s happening is completely unprecedented in recorded politics..anywhere.


Dinner this evening.

Vietnamese lettuce wraps filled with chicken and fake crab, green and red onions, avocado, carrots and pickled radishes. Dipped in a super garlicky and sweet chili filled sauce. Ohhhh and generously squirted with super thick pomegranate sauce we bought in Turkey.