Next trip = booked!!!

Check out our next adventure. Flying into the super relaxed city of Baden-Baden Germany for a few days of spa-ing (the city is famous for its fancy resorts and thermal baths and apparently the world’s most beautiful casino) then visiting the small Peter Carl Fabergé museum (the real one is in St.Petersburg, of course…one day we go), exploring the paths of the infamous Black Forest (yes, we will eat ham and cake that both come from that region) then skipping over across the French border to beer-hike around the city of Strasbourg (checking out the pixel-museum – history of video games and consoles..yeah!!) and to top everything off…..cruising deep into the French countryside to spend 2 days hiking along the Maginot Line and visiting Fort Schoenenbourg (Google it…I dare ya). Everything is booked, we leave in a few weeks!!!!!


Tesla is starting to look like the next Apple….a whole bunch of fluff, marketing and deflection with very little substance.

The phoney-baloney keeps on pouring out almost daily but I really hope they get their shit together and starting taking their business seriously as they’re hemorrhaging money like mad.

In case you’re wondering, you can find low mileage Model S Teslas for under 30 grand these days….that surpasses the legendary flagship Benz depreciation…in case you’re wondering.

Don’t buy a Tesla….don’t be a sucker….at least not yet…

…….and wait till the Japanese manufacturers (and other serious players who are still waiting by the sidelines) start building serious EVs…the future is bright (and electric…no doubt about that).