We are back to 27 degree weather but I am hoping this is really the last week of superheat.

Nothing new here, have been spending more time at home in the last 2 days.  Amalia has been making crazy food and I have been generally either watching her cook, lying around or chasing the cats away from items they are not allowed to be climbing.  Even though we don’t get a real winter here I am really looking forward to things quieting down a bit and maybe even starting some interesting new projects.  We really want to learn a new programing language but still not sure where to start or what to learn, possibly start dabbling with C#.  Maybe.

All of our little corner stores and most of the restaurants within a block or so have either closed or will be this weekend.  I now have to walk over 7 minutes to pick up a beer or a piece of Bulgarian ham.  I confirmed that the best/my favorite restaurants will be open year round.  I wish I had something interesting to say…..but I got nuthin’.

I will go lie down now.



Officially enjoyed the very worst meal in Bulgaria.

This really was an incredibly unusual situation as %99 of the restaurant experiences in Bulgaria have been stellar.  We go out once or twice a day and have been fortunate enough to visit more than 60 establishments in our town alone, the vast majority of the time we are greeted with smiles and 5 star cuisine.

Imagine you’re in a trailer park, inside a trailer and a trailer park type person just served you plain white rice with pork cutlets and very watered down, barely warm, Campbell’s mushroom soup as a sauce (yes, some people in the US still do that).   About a 1/2 dozen wilted fries (they type you get in a frozen bag at the dollar store) as a side and an oddly smelly pint of beer (WTF??). Amalia ordered extra spicy chicken wings and though they looked appetizing, the chicken had zero heat and we suspect them been dropped in old dish water.

But now imagine being served that very same meal in a very nice and high-end looking restaurant with nice cutlery and pearly white table cloths, extremely friendly staff, great music and ambience.

We barely took a bite, analyzed the situation, asked for the bill, paid and politely walked out without making any type of a fuss (which goes against anything I stand for but I simply didn’t have the energy or the stamina to start yelling and throwing things).


Thank you for reading.


A custom tablet charging station for my LTE Asus Nexus 7.

I haven’t been able to use my wireless charger for my tablet because at night the terrible cats roam the house disrupting the peace and knocking things over including my Android tablet.  A few weeks ago I realized that my super cool corner store that sells custom printing, signage, stickers also has a very cool plastic fabrication plant on the upper floor.  I asked the super nice lady who works there if she could make me a custom wall ‘holster’ for my device.  No problem, she said (this is Bulgaria after all, nothing is ever a problem).  Three days later I picked up my bespoke contraption built to some very tight tolerances.  Down to a millimeter, it had to be perfect for the inductive charging (Qi) to function properly.

Mounted it today right into the brick wall with industrial anchors and bolts.  All I need to do now is slip the tablet into it’s new cat-proof home, no plugging, no fuss, no muss, the charge light comes on immediately.  It takes a tad longer to fill the battery than plugging it directly but what do I care, this amazing machine easily lasts a full day of posting idiotic comments on Facebook and browsing tech blogs.

Total cost 10€.

Thank you for reading.





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