If VICE is the future of journalism I don’t want to live on on this planet anymore.

Sensationalizing and hipster-sprinkling of important news with very little actual content appears to be the future of news gathering. Bright lights, loud noises and easy to follow words for the shallow and gullible…..not to actually teach or inform but titillate. Don’t even get me started on some of the recent documentaries I’ve watched.  It seems it’s easier than ever to release a popular and money making documentary with very little scrutiny even when the information contained is the polar opposite of truth.  Scary.

You would think with access to so much information the world would be getting smarter…….


Monday afternoon Breakfast at home.

In Bulgaria, rain is celebrated relaxively indoors with a customary champagne and caviar 2PM breakfast (with a side of honey glazed salmon, Black Sea pickled herring and thick Russian rye). If you’re going to live, you might as well live.


Our neighbors. They are super nice and incredibly friendly.

Amalia and I had this serious conversation today when we were strolling by the lake, this is not a joke…I am incredibly serious.  If someone offered us 5 million dollars with the stipulation that we had to leave Bulgaria and could never come back….we would both easily decline the offer without a blink of an eye. 

Not kidding, seriously from the heart…no joke.

To this day I still feel like I’m living a lifetime of adventure every 24 hour period.

2015-11-20 12.31.07

You think Tesla makes the ugliest cars???..

…I digress….here is the winner : Bentley’s final take on their first (and hopefully only) SUV.  Oh..it costs 1/4 million bucks and looks like..I don’t have words…how is this even possible?? …seriously, it looks like someone pooped on their own face and took a selfie.


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