I had to order more stuff.

After using this little PoPro gadget for the last week I have come to a few conclusions.  The still image quality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, It’s about on par with a smartphone from 3 years ago (tiny 12 megapixel sensor with no image stabilization).  The physical design and engineering of these units and the included accessories must have been designed by team of one armed 4 year olds with cataracts, ass backwards.  I understand they have a little room to work with and are trying to preserve the batter but the menu system and the tiny archaic display reminds me of a watch my parents bought me in 1979 in Poland.  The mobile app is laggy and overly counterintuitive and just plain weird.

I found the camera mounting system and the needless amount of all the little bits and pieces almost comic-like.  The fact that I can’t place it flat in it’s housing makes me sad, I am unable to upload my photos over WiFi to my computer (or cloud service), although apparently that’s in the works (this is 2014, it should have been included 2 years ago).  The little battery last exactly 0 minutes, I am exaggerating but only by a little. Having to disassemble the whole device in order to charge it is tedious and I am assuming that scratching the plastic lens (if you don’t use the protective housing which is also easily scratched) could be as easy as slipping the camera into your pants pocket with crumpled up piece of paper.  I also found the camera practically useless without a viewfinder.

I ordered one today, it’s an LCD touch screen that attaches to the back which will allow me to neatly navigate the menus, frame my shots and playback/delete the stuff I want and stuff I don’t.

What trumps ALL of my above complaints is the absolutely shocking (and I mean that in every sense) quality of video this little gem is capable of taking.  This is the first ever imaging device I have ever owned where I am looking at the video it took (on my rather dated Retina mac, can’t imagine what it will look like as soon as we get big new fancy monitor) and it looks like what my eyes really saw, sorry hard to explain.  It’s absolutely surreal.

After all said and done, with some of the accessories, taxes and other crap…it’s $800 very, very well spent.

Just wait till next summer, we’re going to get video crazy!!!!

Thank you for reading.



We are very lazy.

Woke up at 2PM again today simply because it’s cold outside, we have nothing to do and no tasks to complete.  Nothing interesting to report, we are stuck in a huge limbo right now awaiting our Canadians to arrive, only a few days to go.

Over the course of December and January we have exactly 833 missions, excursions, travel destinations, dance parties, dinner parties, Birthday parties, wine parties, cheese parties, smoked meat and fish parties, feta cheese from around the world tastings, cat parties, chicken only galas and other extravagances.

Amalia made a sun in our living room, it’s helped a bit.

…ohhhh..and tonight we are having Turkish delights and white wine for dinner…because, why not?


We went to the big city again today.

It has already been a year since we applied for and received our long term residency and today we had to submit more documents and records in order to extend our stay for 5 more years.  Everything went very smoothly but extremely tediously.  Soooo much red tape….soooo much needless and repetitive paperwork.

We celebrated with a HUGE and very extravagant multiple course sushi dinner with perhaps our biggest Bulgarian restaurant bill to date.  Weee..

It’s cold outside and still quite gloomy (10 degrees and rainy).


Gloomy Bulgaria.

I am still charging up the van and really want go on a small adventure but the place in Greece we want to visit is just as gloomy right now.  Why is life so difficult?


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