I really, really enjoy taking these tiny little 4 day vacations.  Last weekend was an overwhelming success.  Sofia is an incredibly fun and vibrant city.  I know I’ve said this before but this city is truly Europe’s biggest undiscovered gem and unfortunately gets very little tourism.  Downtown is very walkable, there is a restaurant or a café every 5 meters, a glass of wine costs 75 cents and the street food is sublime.

The streets and coffee shops are always packed and everyone is sooooooooooooooooooo damn nice and friendly.  We were making one new friend every 8 minutes.  Going back in 2 months and I absolutely cannot wait.





Last night in Sofia.

Let me start this post by saying that  night’s music event was a revelation. After countless disappointing club nights, less than stellar track releases and podcasts I found myself on the verge of almost giving up on the music I love. The formulaic, creativitly empty and bland recycled music that most modern DJs (and their musically handicapped fans)  support was driving me into a corner from which I felt I would never emerge. 24 hours ago felt as if I entered a fine restaurant, sampling an endless barrage of courses one more delightful, spicy and exciting than the other. Hernán started “quietly” with a small bundle of ‘eclectic-on-the-verge progressive’ tracks and that’s when I froze. I grabbed the railing with my hands thinking for a second my grip of joy could squish the 5cm of steel beneath them like putty. I didn’t dance at all that night, I couldn’t move. 3am and the avalanche begun, not one vocal track, not one donkey-build and the filter on the still mighty XONE92 was never jostled, not even once, it was as if it wasn’t there. I’m now breathless. Who the hell in their right mind rains a barrage of melodic techno in between deep epic Trance mixes, he did and that’s when everything became emotional. Imagine you’re on a train slowly but effortlessly climbing up the Alps, no stops, just gently accelerating, you barely notice but you know it’s happening, good stuff. At 5am I could tell the melodic tsunami was coming, I could feel it, I could anticipate it, I’m still standing motionless. Epic Trance, zero breakdowns, no mixing through breakdowns, none of that shit opera/churchy feel, no pauses and of course no fucking vocals. By 6:30am we realized it’s probably time to say goodbye to the ravers and hit up the rock and roll club down the street. They had very cheap beer, we had plenty then ridiculously danced to Nirvana in the middle of the dance floor like no one was watching. Thank you, God.

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