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Did you know we haven’t eaten anything from a can in the last 3 years other than beer, oysters and sardines.  I love canned sardines, especially in spicy (or tangy, I love tangy) tomato sauce.

Did you know that we don’t buy anything in a box? Besides eating a bag of Doritos (cool ranch) and a box of North American style cereal  (bad experience) early February 2015 and buying a bottle of Heinz ketchup, we have bought nothing pre-made.  Nothing.  Amalia makes mayo, ketchup, BBQ and a plethora of Asian sauces completely from scratch and as needed (with the help of her Grand Bazaar purchased Istanbul spices).  Did you know we drink pop only once or twice a year and ONLY at IKEA and ONLY Coke and ONLY with at least 3 hot dogs.  I did buy a Dr.Pepper last year and loved it, will try it with whiskey this summer.

Food wise, we get a bag of veggies and fruits with a huge sack of fresh meat and bulk Greek or Bulgarian cheese.  Not much else.  Sometimes I get a little Turkish delight.  We grocery shop every single day as our store is awesome.  We don’t buy bread anymore, Amalia makes it….any style.

Did you know that almost every restaurant here makes food the same way one would make at home, the raw ingredients are just picked up from the local grocery store or from the hillside villages.  The only thing that comes in commercial bags is the wine, it’s true, it’s great….and made in Pomorie, 15 minutes away.

Unless going on an adventure, we walk  %100 of the time, don’t commute (yuck), live in a little place with no kids, cats eat home-made-food, I wear the same clothes almost every day + never wash my hands after I pee………….I think we’re turning into hippies.

Thank you for reading, I must go now…’s Korean food night.



We had record rainfall 2 days ago.

I’ve said this before.  It generally doesn’t rain all that much here but when it does, the thunderstorms are window rattling, the lighting turns night into daylight and the amount of water that falls out of the sky is the equivalent of being blasted by a barrage of fire hoses.  I am not exaggerating, the weather turns into a warzone and it’s spectacularly beautiful.

Ohhhh..and it all usually lasts mere minutes.


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