1.5 hours on the phone today to renew the insurance on the van. 1.5 hours talking in Polish to 6 different Polish people of Polish intelligence and Polish style efficiency.

I am about to drink a whole bottle of wine in one gulp to ease the pain and frustration.

However, there are 2 things that I thankful for today.  Their almost comical $17/month cost of campervan insurance and the fact I can call Poland from Bulgaria using my Canadian Skype account for under 70 cents.

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Smoking in this country is an epidemic. I sometimes joke when I see a Bulgarian NOT holding a cigarette, it’s a strange sight.

The indoor smoking ban in restaurants, clubs, bars, discotheques and cafes, office buildings, cinemas, theatres, hospitals, schools and other public buildings entered into effect on June 1, 2012. It is violated on a regular basis throughout the country. Various parties in Parliament have tried to cancel it throughout the years, the most recent being in the end of 2013 by the nationalists from Ataka. This autumn the MPs from the party tried raising the issue again, but the Health Minister Petar Moskov, an avid smoker himself, said he was firmly against and the ban must stand. 


Additionally, cigarette advertising is everywhere and when shopping at the grocery store we very rarely see someone NOT put a pack or two in their basket.


Ohhh IKEA.

Bulgaria’s Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC) fined House Market Bulgaria AD, holder of the IKEA retail brand, with BGN 347 505 for misleading advertising, said the anti-monopoly watchdog.

The sum is 0.5% of the income of the company for 2013.

The inspection was prompted by a consumer complaint who claimed IKEA was misleading consumers for the price of a shelf, advertised through billboards in the store.

The CPC found that for two months this summer IKEA was advertising through billboards and promotional leaflets “a BILLY shelf” for the price of BGN 79. It turned out, however, that during the period the shelf in question was not available. Instead the store was offering a very similar shelf with the same name for the price of BGN 100.

“Thus the company advertises a product with a lower than the actual price, misleading consumers and stimulating them to buy a product for a higher price,” the CPC said. “Such behavior is contradicting good trade practices and may harm the competition.”


Matthew’s tips, episode 1.

If you have a ceiling fan (if you don’t, you should) the easiest way to clean the fucking thing is to use a pillow case and gently wipe the dust off the blades allowing your filth to gently enter the sac preventing a dusty disaster.

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