I hate to boast but today I must.

Some people collect spoons, others collect coat hangers. I, on the other hand, collect IKEA duck filled FJÄDRAR pillows and their GURLI pillow cases. I only have one color left to complete my exquisitely soft collection.


Kitchen tablet finally set up.

We were able to repurpose an almost 6 year old HP WebOS tablet.  This incredible piece of engineering was HP’s attempt to compete with Apple and Android and to this day, I can say with great confidence, this is *still today* one of the best tablets and quickest ever made.  Even though I had to hack Android onto it as (the amazing) WebOS is no longer supported, everything still looks and works like new.  We got a custom acrylic wall mounted “holder” fabricated and changed the USB port to a magnetic power connector. ‘DAK board’ is the app that’s currently running, it’s just an always on Google Photos slideshow with time, news and local weather.

It’s also great for Skyping and, of course, a barrage of YouTube cat videos.


Soldering project.

I have officially created the world’s least practical, extremely slowly scrolling digital clock, calendar and temperature display. Best $60 ever spent!!!!!