No updates because…

Because we are in limbo and currently awaiting another basket of Canadians to arrive.  They are currently on the train speeding towards the coast.  The hot weather has returned and we’re having more fun than ever.  Grabbed a couple of bottles of wine yesterday and spent the whole day outside roaming around the beach and our little town.  Most of the businesses are boarded-up but rowdy tourists are still milling about.

We are planning our anniversary party in the next few days, hoping to get a hotel with a rooftop hot-tub and bottomless champagne service, of course.

Thank you for reading.

I am still trying to understand the economy of this crazy country.

We went out last night to a restaurant/bar nearby (2 blocks from our house) and had an absolutely amazing time.  Live music, dancing and a huge room full of drunken and extremely jolly German tourists. Stayed for a few hours people watching and bullshitting’, drank about 6 pints of delicious Bulgarian lager and left for home just after midnight.  Our bill, including tip and taxes was $3.20…total for the both of us.


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