Iranian dates.

Our supermarket sells these dried dates from Iran.  The whole box costs about $1.50 and the flavor of these God forsaken things make me borderline emotional and teary eyed.  They are silky and sweet with an almost pornographic taste.  Just impossible to describe.  They are brilliant with some red wine, super smelly cheese and ice cold pear slices.


Cacao Beach.

I may have mentioned this before but our beach bar was completely torn down, right down to the last plank and nail.  The new complex is much bigger and significantly more modern.  New restaurants in the back and plenty of additional space to frolic.  Grand opening is 5 days away.




Music festival.

A huge Bulgarian arts and music festival (we’re talking 18,000 musicians, no joke) that only happens once every 5 years in the mountainous Koprivshtitsa region is just around the corner.  The whole city is filled with wine and food stands, countless musical acts and plenty of artsy stuff.  Coincidentally in happens again this summer (super lucky), it’s for 3 days and of course…..we’re taking the camper….of course we will eat everything……and of course, we will drink everything….and of course, we will dance everywhere.

The price of admission is 50 cents and the parking should be free.

*fun fact, in 2005 over 250,000 people visited this event….YES 1/4 of a million people.

The festivities start August 6th and on the way back we’ll swing by our very favorite city on the planet, Veliko Tarnovo.

We already have 6 different events/trips planned for the next 4 months.

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After 15 months my Playsation 4’s cooling system failed.

Even though this thing has had very little use (the games really fucking suck), the Netflix and YouTube apps work quite well.  Apparently the heatsink compound attached to the GPU fails over time making it overheat and run the fan in lawnmower mode, REALLY LOUD.  A fun tip : ALL EU electronic purchases carry a 2 year warranty and most of the time it’s a full replacement.

My broken PS4 went back to Sofia and a brand new one should be leaving the Sony store back to my little home sometime early next week. 

Bless the lord.



A tale of two chargers.

I bought the Bosch C3 (pictured below) at an automotive shop in Budapest about two years ago.  It was rather expensive but after reading some online reviews significantly better than most of the crap-Chinese car battery chargers/maintainers on the market.  Guess what? It just kicked the bucket.  I took it apart and the main capacitor (it’s the size of a thumb) just melted like a candle in the sun.  Very sad news as this little wonder has been my constant companion. It not only charges the battery but with its little on-board computer maintains a constant tiny trickle when the car is not being used.  As the camper is parked %90 of the time (our city is %100 walkable from end to end), this little trickle is imperative to the longevity of the rather expensive batteries in the van.

Unfortunately these damn things are impossible to purchase here and folks on eBay sell them for over $150 which with shipping, VAT and duty comes out to $220.  Expensive.



With luck always on my side I walked into a random auto shop in Burgas (first place I checked) yesterday afternoon and quickly realized that Bosh also makes a younger sibling to the C3 called the C1.  The C1 is only aimed at the poor-ass Eastern European market and costs a measly 50€.  After inquiring about it the super nice Bulgarian dude told me that the outside and the innards are exactly the same and the only thing this gadget cannot do is charge a 6V (motorcycle battery). SOLD!!!!

Plugged her in late last night when we returned from our trip and it’s working beautifully.  If you’re looking for a charger for your car to keep your batteries healthy, these work really well and are completely idiot-proof (one button – on/off).

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