Check out the new Dell XPS13.

Makes my Macbook and the Macbook Air look like computers from the 90s.  Have a look at the specs.

Nearly bezel-less

3200×1800 resolution screen (on a 13inch display) that destroys the Retina screen on my machine

5th generation Broadwell


Under 3lbs

Carbon fiber and magnesium

Wireless AC (pretty standard these days)

…and more.

Only (very weird) drawbacks thus far:

No 16GB option at launch

And no USB Type-C (3.1) which in 2015 is inexcusable. (the new super tiny and super speedy reversible USB, in case you didn’t know).

I think it’s time to get rid of the headphone jack and come up with a new idea (Type-C?)……it’s brutally oldschool.

I really want a new computer…whaaaa…




Absolutely nothing going on here.

And I mean, nothing.  The weather is gloomy, rainy and rather cold and most fun places are still closed.  We still go out everyday for beers and amazing food, it’s really the only thing to do.  Can’t use the van at the moment as I am waiting for my windshield chips to get fixed and would rather not have them get worse (they’re tiny and still fixable without replacing the whole thing).  Amalia is working on a few projects for Kelly and I’m sitting here in my robe drinking extremely strong coffee.  I really wish I could find something interesting to write about.

Can’t wait for summer, can’t wait to start doing things and going places.

Thank you for reading.




The build is officially done.

Bamboo deck from a company in New York.
Bearings from Japan.
Cheap Chinese wheels.
Grip tape and bushings from England.
Indy trucks couriered over from one of my skateboards stored in Canada.

Road testing starts tomorrow.


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