A bit of sad news that ended up becoming good news.

Because we’re getting a new and very fancy resort next to us one of our favorite “restaurants” had to be bulldozed last month.  Yes, Hussein’s illegal shack of partying, soup, meat and cheap (and often free) booze had to be bulldozed.  I am sure it’s unsightliness and the fact that it was illegally built had something to do with it. 

Thankfully, Hussein was able to negotiate a deal with the said resort owners and reopen at a new location.  The new restaurant’s name is “Apteka 2” and it’s a 1.5 minute walk from our place.  It’s hygienically superior to the old location with a proper WC (the old one had a hole in the ground to pee in) and significantly better amenities.  The best tripe soup of Europe remains with a new menu full of mostly meat and other meats.  Fantastic.















We are back at the beach. Amalia will post photos and stories very soon on our other blog.

2222Km travelled and 3 countries explored. An amazing adventure, we saw soooo much and had blast.

The weather should be still be good for quite some time.  Summer is still in full swing and I can’t wait to grab a beer at the beach sometime tomorrow.

Ohhhh, I also got all my snowboarding gear.  My fancy Burton Air and all my slow clothes, got a huge load of new computer things and other assorted fun stuff.  Weeee.




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