If God existed and loved us all we would be driving a V12, late 90s, SEL600AMG (V140-extended length version, of course).

With the fuel economy equivalent to 11 modern cars and 650NM of torque it will get you anywhere in glamour and sexy-style.  This particular example was parked nearby and is in showroom condition.   Modern versions of this motor are used in the current 2.5 Million dollar Pagani Zonda.  I think this particular car cost about 200K new and can probably bought today for less than 10, a true 300km/hr spaceship on wheels.

This 2 ton European version isn’t ‘detuned’ and has none of the environment saving horseshit. Praise the lord.


Did I tell you how incredibly nice, welcoming and helpful everyone is in this country?

It’s borderline sickening.  From the people who serve our food, choose our meats at the grocery store and pump my diesel, every single personal encounter (and believe me, I love to chit-chat and ask stupid questions) has been incredibly warm, helpful and insightful.  I have mentioned this before but conversing with folks without knowing the local language has always been an incredible joy to me. Flapping hands, facial expressions and sharing photos on my tablet is both hysterical and entertaining. 

We just came back from the store and Amalia was searching for corn flour and I was on the lookout for pit-less black olives for this evening’s Mexican event.  We must have spent an hour sign-language’ing and laughing our assess off.  I love love love living here and as Amalia just said, everything and everyone are so real here…so true.


I asked a question about shipping an item from China (eBay).

hi friend ,
thanks for your email ,
I just check it , and sorry about that problem with you ,
that item is from the auction , need the shipping fee , that shipping is according to the weight of the item ,
hope you can understand ,
about the shipping fee we didn’t change it , when you order it , that you should can find it ,
we also add the detail to help you to check it,
if here still have problem with you ,please contact me free, I am glad to serve you ,
have a nice day,



Been playing with this a little in the last few days and I must admit it’s pretty cool….but still needs work.

I wish I had some more hard drive space to play with virtual machines (I have to store them on my external USB3 drive which is slow as fuck), stupid Macbook.

Microsoft has really been listening to the beta testers (I am part of the Windows insiders program, cool eh?) this time and the new OS is coming along with what I like to call a ‘2 steps forward and 1 step back’ system.

I am also testing the new version of Visual Studio 2015.


What has happened to me??

I easily spent 3 hours last night and another 2 this morning playing fucking’ video games.  I’ve always known that adults who do this have just given up on life and can’t come up with anything creative to occupy their time. Have I become this person?  Can I not find anything interesting to do with my life?  Am I this fuckin’ boring????

I spent $4.50 on a stupidly senseless pirate game where you just run around and stab people for no reason at all.  They’re just nice people walking around going about their business…..I actually feel guilty confessing to this.

It’s freezing cold outside and everything is STILL CLOSED…..I miss summer!!!!!!

PS. PlayStation 4 store has crazy deals on games, many under a buck.  Did you know some of these shitty games can cost over $90….and they’re all practically the same, you just walk around and either shoot or stab (sometimes you have to jump to avoid a stab).  That’s it!!!! Nothing else really happens.  How the fuck can people tell the difference between %95 of these titles is a mystery to me.


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